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Guided tour of Versailles aboard a french vintage car

Versailles is world famous for its palace, but what about the city? Often neglected by tourists in favor of the palace, the Royal City is nevertheless has plenty of places full of anecdotes and remarkable buildings that deserve to be visited. Since 2021, Favorite Tour Versailles has been offering guided tours of Versailles aboard its sublime french vintage car, a Citroën Dyane-2CV, cream-coloured, convertible of 1968.

We’ll take you on a (re)discovery of Versailles with us on this one-of-a-kind private tour!

Citroën Dyane of Favorite Tour facing the Grand Trianon
The Virginie’s Citroën Dyane facing the Grand Trianon – © Vita Versailles

The story of the Versailles guided tour by Favorite Tour

At the origin of Favorite Tour, Virginie, used to work for over 20 years in tourism as an overseas tour guide.

Versaillaise (demonym of Versailles) for more than twenty years, Virginie joined the observation that the city unfortunately did not benefit from the same tourist enthusiasm as the palace. She matured the idea of ​​organizing private guided tours in Versailles accompanied by her superb vintage car, who slept in the garage of his great-grandparents.

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Virginie and her Dyane for the guided tour of Versailles
Virginie Chomet, the founder and guide of « Favorite Tour » posing next to her Dyane-2CV convertible – © Vita Versailles

The content of the private tour of Versailles

Private tour of the Saint-Louis district of Versailles, aboard the car.
In the Saint-Louis district aboard the car – © Vita Versailles

Beyond a simple car ride in Versailles, Virginie offers us a real guided tour aboard her convertible Dyane, thus traveling through the 20 most emblematic places of the city.

Throughout this visit, we travel through the historic districts of the city and move from building to building over the historical anecdotes of Virginie. It is obvious that our guide is a true enthusiast, both for the city and its history. She also confided in us that she had been following conferences for more than 10 years now to learn more and more about life in Versailles under the old regime.

Two different options are available to you at Favorite Tour:

  • The city tour
  • The city tour + the park of the Palace of Versailles

We let ourselves be tempted by the grand tour (guided tour of the city as well as a detour through the park of the Palace of Versailles). We were therefore able to rediscover the historic districts of Notre-Dame and Saint-Louis through large buildings and historic sites such as the Hôtel des Menus-Plaisirs, the Chapel of the Lycée Hoche, the Saint-Louis Cathedral or the famous Notre-Dame market.

Then, we were lucky enough to end this afternoon in front of the pink marbled columns of the Grand Trianon, after having skirted the bank of the Grand Canal, for a champagne and photo break. The raking rays of the autumn sun accompanied this improvised aperitif.

Favorite Tour Versailles takes us to the Petit Trianon during the guided tour.
Miror of the Dyane in front of the Grand Trianon.
Interior of the Dyane-2CV
Dyane with the boot open for the aperitif facing the Grand Trianon.
Aperitif with Champagne in front of the Grand Trianon with the Dyane of the private tour.
A Champagne aperitif closes the visit in front of the Grand Trianon, a real pleasure – © Vita Versailles

Whether you are tourists, Versaillais, enthusiasts or simply fond of new experiences, this guided tour of Versailles is a unique moment to discover the city in a new light, to learn and to exchange. Besides, we didn’t see the afternoon pass and left our guide Virginie at nightfall, so much did we enjoy discussing and immortalizing this moment.

Discover Favorite Tour Versailles in video

Practical informations about Favorite Tour

To book a tour, go directly to the website of Favorite Tour Versailles.

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