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About us

Vita Versailles, the blog that reveals the best of Versailles

Behind the virtual pages of this blog hide Mahéva and Benjamin. Two young people who fell in love with Versailles the first time we came here. We have always been curious, fond of adventure and constantly looking for the best addresses to test and share. Our desire is to get involved in local life and promote all that Versailles has to offer, whether to Versailles residents or not. The idea of creating this blog on Versailles was therefore obvious to us.

Vita Versailles aims to help you enjoy the best of Versailles. Restaurants, bars, shopping, hotels, cultural events… the city will no longer hold any secrets for you! Thanks to this blog, your question ‘What to do in Versailles?’ will never go unanswered again.

Vita Versailles has the ambition to become the essential reference blog on Versailles for Versailles residents and tourists.